You're freely surfing the net right now. But what if you couldn't?  What if what you were doing right now was a crime, and you faced jail or execution for just reading or blogging?  What would you do?  Would you help someone who was facing that exact threat right now?

The biggest problem facing human civilization isn't hunger, disease, or even war.  It is the outlawing of free speech, of reading and writing the truth, from which hunger, disease, and war take root. The simplest solution is being developed right now, and you can help.

Freedom of speech is prohibited in most of the world, and the majority of humanity lives in fear of telling the truth.

Tyrannical regimes fear truth more than anything else. They control speech more tightly than their own borders. There has been nothing we could do to help the victims of censorship.

Until now.

Our Mission FirstAmendmentware is a 501©3 non-profit company dedicated to freedom of speech using cryptography and the block chain, the same technology associated with things like Bitcoin and crypto-currencies. With your help, FirstAmendmentware is using this technology to make publishing the truth available to everyone, free from fear, intimidation and persecution..

About Us First Amendmentware Inc. is a small, lean non-profit 501©3 corporation whose mandate is to create the ability for anyone, anywhere to digitally publish their thoughts and observations without fear of reprisals, persecution, or intimidation. All tax-deductible contributions made to FA go directly toward developing and deploying blockchain-centric infrastructure that supports freedom of speech, making the most basic human freedom safe, productive, and valuable.

Thinkers on Free Speech

Our Team



Bill is an unemployed philosopher (otherwise known as a Philosophy PhD) who has been doing temp work as a computer scientist, software architect, and CIO for the last 3 decades while he was looking for a professional philosopher position which never eventuated, and probably never will. This realization motivated him to create First Amendmentware. His professional background ranges from writing device drivers to designing and building real time mission critical flight control systems, production cryptographic banking facilities, banking security systems procedures, and now blockchain dapps and smart contracts with which he intends to free mankind and impress his bosses at First Amendmentware. Bill is a private person, some would say paranoid, and some say that’s why he only goes by his first name, like Cher, or Spock



Roger’s background starts with his technical roots in radio engineering, moves forward to creating and managing diverse non-profit social groups and organizations, and managing large human resource organizations and projects. More recently, Roger moved into structuring and managing significant finance and capital investment for traditional, non-traditional, and disruptive technology ventures. He has been involved with crypto currencies and private financial transaction facilitation since 2000. He bought Bitcoin when it was $5. Unfortunately, he sold it when it hit $50. He now works for peanuts at First Amendmentware. He does not plan to sell these peanuts.

Senior Director


Ann is our senior director and native of West Virginia. She completed a degree in organisational psychology, spent time in the Marine Corps, and has taught martial arts. Following her service, she focused on developing a career in medical administration, and currently performs CEO-level functions and support for one of America’s medical facilities. Ann brings to the team a genuine sense of compassion for people from all walks of life, and a strong set of organizational skills which are necessary in her role as Chief Executive Cat Shepherd at First Amendmentware (herding cats named Roger and Bill).

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